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Charity awareness months

Almost every month these days a charity will offer you the chance to give something up – whether it be drinking alcohol, eating meat, or shaving your upper lip. Who is participating in Charity Awareness Months, and which are the most popular?

Syrian refugees arrive from Turkey to Greece 29 October 2015. Nicolas Economou /

Public sympathy for refugees

The refugee crisis is never far from the headlines. We’ve used data from the INGO Tracker to investigate links between public sympathy for refugees and charitable support.

Haimanti, Anwara, and Aheja are participants of BRAC's Targeting the Ultra Poor program in Rangpur, Bangladesh – the flagship program for the Initiative.

BRAC hires Eden Stanley

BRAC, ranked #1 most effective non-governmental organisation in the world, has appointed Eden Stanley to bring greater brand engagement to its pioneering poverty reduction programme.