The INGO Tracker

The INGO Tracker is the only brand monitoring and audience segmentation tool specially designed for international NGOs working in the UK. The service began in early 2015 and is already proving to be a gamechanger for many of our clients. Here’s why we developed it…

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In the UK today, around half the adult population either supports or would consider supporting an international NGO. That’s more than 20 million people ready to give their time, money and voice for a wide range of causes and in a multitude of ways. Understandably, the best INGO communicators, fundraisers and campaigners target this group, knowing that it has key differences from the general public – and a deeper knowledge and affinity with brands working in the sector.

Of course, these 20 million ‘supporters’ and ‘prospects’ are not all the same – they are highly diverse in their views, beliefs, lifestages, lifestyles and occupations. Identifying more focused target segments with the strongest affinity to an organisation’s values – and most likely to support its cause – is now the core challenge at the heart of any effective communications or marketing strategy.

Despite the importance of meeting this challenge, our experience devising strategies for INGO clients led us to realise there was no openly available brand tracking or audience insight tool that offered genuinely robust, specialist, in-depth, or actionable data about the audiences INGOs care about most. Consequently, most INGOs have had to make do with data unsuited to their needs, while others have commissioned their own market trackers at significant expense.

So we developed the INGO Tracker. A unique service specifically tailored to your sector, and the first of its kind.

It’s a UK-wide rolling survey that tracks supporters and prospective supporters of INGOs every day of every week – monitoring their awareness, knowledge, and engagement with brands. The Tracker builds a picture of them across thousands of variables, covering attitudes, beliefs, values, and views about INGOs and the issues they work on.

We think this insight has never been more important. The constant flux of digital communications and the fragmentation of traditional media means INGOs now make daily choices about how and where to reach the most receptive target groups. Meanwhile, as the sector realigns itself behind the Sustainable Development Goals, it will need to understand how public audiences are responding to their changing narratives, and which are being heard. And with intensifying public scrutiny, and competing media narratives around international aid, monitoring the support and trust in INGO brands has taken on a new significance.

We invite you to discover how the INGO Tracker can help identify your audiences, devise strategies to engage them, and track the performance of your brand and support for your issues. For more information, please see the dedicated INGO Tracker website, or get in touch.