Child to Child rebrand

for Child to Child

Services Provided: Strategy, Creative

We helped the Child to Child Trust professionalise its communications and delivered an identity that made sense to non-expert audiences.


The Child to Child Trust is an established international NGO that works for children’s right to be heard. It is a key convenor of the children’s international NGOs, including UNICEF, World Vision, and Save the Children. Child to Child pioneered participatory methods, where children are involved in programme design, which has become standard practice in much of the sector. But its brand and communications made little sense to funders and partners – and even to its own staff.

Child to Child old logo

The original identity was unengaging and difficult to understand, and the organisation’s ‘boilerplate’ descriptor didn’t help: “Child to Child promotes child-centred, active learning approaches that engage children on health and development issues. Children then disseminate their learning to other children, their families and their wider communities through participatory research activities.”


We supported Child to Child in a range of initiatives to help clarify their message, including building a new website and producing a range of material. Underpinning all of this was a simple proposition that explained the value of Child to Child’s approach, and that was true to its values: “When Children work together, they can change their world.” We also needed a logo that would exemplify the idea at the heart of the brand, and brought in design partner, Johnson Banks, to help.

Beginning with simple idea of children engaging with each other….

Child to Child drawings

… the logo and strapline explained the idea of child participation in a way that was both easily understood, and expressed the benefits of the approach and the brand.


Child to Child final logo
Our thanks to our collaborators on this project, design agency Johnson Banks, and the illustrator Niroot Puttapipat.