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BRAC hires Eden Stanley

BRAC hires Eden Stanley

BRAC, ranked #1 most effective non-governmental organisation in the world, has appointed Eden Stanley, alongside partner creative agency Johnson Banks, to bring greater brand engagement and awareness to a programme it has pioneered to tackle extreme poverty.

Strong global visibility of the programme is essential as BRAC aims to galvanise governments, funders and leading NGOs around the world to roll out the highly acclaimed model, currently known as the Ultra Poor Graduation Initiative.

“We are thrilled to be working with Eden Stanley and Johnson Banks to strengthen our work,” said Lara Storm, Director of Advisory Services at BRAC. “They bring deep knowledge of the sector and unique expertise that will assist in accomplishing our mission on a global scale.”

Joe Barrell, Director of Eden Stanley, said: “With typical BRAC enterprise and compassion it has created a sustainable, business-minded solution to tackle extreme poverty.  We’re very proud to play a part in supporting this exceptional initiative and help bring the programme to many more people around the world.”

The appointment will result in a new communications and brand strategy for BRAC’s Ultra Poor Graduation Initiative, a sustainable, business-minded solution that has lifted 95 percent of participants out of extreme poverty.

Programme participants are given an asset to develop a sustainable income, such as livestock or goods to start an informal store.  For two years, they are given training and support, including in financial literacy and business skills, as well as frequent home visits. They are supported and encouraged to save money, look after their health and send their children to school. This intensive approach has lifted 1.77million households in Bangladesh out of extreme poverty and has already been adopted in many more countries around the world.

BRAC’s business model is almost unique in the sector, funding most of its work through income generated by its 30 Bangladesh-based businesses, including a high street bank, a clothing store, and a large number of agricultural companies.

In January 2017 BRAC was ranked as the number one NGO in the world for the second consecutive year by the Geneva-based NGO Advisor, an independent media organisation committed to highlighting innovation, impact and governance in the non-profit sector.


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