The Charity Tracker is a rolling online survey of 1,000 UK adults per month, totalling 12,000 unique respondents per year.

We carefully select survey panels to ensure that survey results are of the highest quality, and our data is nationally representative on the basis of these demographic quotas:

  • Age & Gender (interlocking)
  • Socioeconomic group
  • Region
  • Ethnicity
What are demographic quotas?

Demographic quotas ensure we have the right percentage of different subgroups in the UK adult population. Using them allows us to achieve a nationally representative (‘nat-rep’) sample, so that the results you find in the Tracker represent the entire population when unfiltered. This means you will have robust results in your nationally representative reports, and a reliable benchmark to compare against when you filter the dashboards to look at smaller segments.


Demographic quotas are achieved on a weekly basis, and the time intervals in the Tracker filters are set to a minimum of one month. Each month we iron out any small discrepancies in the sampling (for example if we fall slightly short of one of the quotas) by weighting the data. Our weighting efficiency is always above 95%.


The survey has a strict exclusion policy, meaning that no person can take the survey more than once in a 12-month period. This means all respondents are ‘unprimed’, and you can be sure that in any given year all respondents are unique. We exceed best practice in this respect. Most tracking surveys use exclusion policies of six months, and sometimes as short as three months.


We run a single, dedicated survey, designed to give you access to thousands of data points, that you can use for brand tracking, issue tracking, audience insight and segmentation.

Browse the dashboards to find summarised data in chart formats, and use the Data Explorer to find and analyse more in-depth content.

The main topic areas are:

Brand reporter
  • A wide range of brand performance metrics
Audience profiler
  • Demographics
  • Supporter engagement
  • Supporter motivations
  • Religion and politics
  • Charity trust
  • Media consumption
  • Schwartz values


The power of the Tracker lies in your ability to segment the data and look at survey results both for the entire (nat-rep) adult population, and smaller target segments.

Some members commission us to produce sophisticated segmentations, using data modelling techniques. We then implement these in the Tracker so that all survey respondents are flagged with segment membership, allowing you to filter survey results according to your bespoke segmentation.

You can also simply filter the results using demographic filters, including age, gender and socioeconomic group.

In addition we have produced a number of very simple pre-built segments, representing different definitions of different charity ‘markets’. We call these segments ‘non-rejectors’, as they comprise people that either have supported, or would consider supporting, a charity in that category. For example the segment ‘Environment non-rejectors’ is made up of people that have supported or would consider supporting an environmental charity.


When each monthly wave is complete we check and clean the survey data, and resample where required. We then weight the data, analyse ‘open-ended’ questions, and run segmentation routines.

Following this we upload the data to this platform and alert members that the new wave is available. We aim to do this by the 5th of each month and no later than the 10th. Should you occasionally have an urgent need for monthly data before we’ve uploaded it, please get in touch and we should be able to provide a spreadsheet.

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