Change the Record

What does the public really think about international poverty and aid, and what shapes those attitudes? And what should the NGO sector do to 'Change the Record' on global poverty?

Project overview

For years the international development sector has been researching public attitudes to aid, and in the context of tough economic times, public support has been on the decline. We were commissioned to deliver a major Gates-funded research project to help understand how public attitudes to poverty are formed, looking at the narratives used in the media, and the extent of their influence on audience perceptions of poverty.

Change the record - graph

A project in two parts

Our research was designed in two parts: media research to analyse how international poverty was being reported, and an ethnographic study – where 26 people up and down the country were asked to record all of their 'touch points' with poverty issues over a six week period, using video diaries and an online portal.

Findings were shared at a series of conferences through 2013/2014, and the resulting report, 'Change the Record' was published in October 2014.

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