Our Services


We believe the best work is built from sound insight. We use a range of research methodologies and data tools, both in standalone assignments, and as part of wider projects.  We work with audiences through focus groups, surveys, and more in-depth methods to uncover fresh insights, co-create campaigns and develop new products. We also run a number of trackers for brand performance and audience segmentation.


We develop communications, campaigns and fundraising strategies for our clients. We encourage integration when it’s useful – often linking fundraising and campaigning aims to increase impact. We like to involve internal teams, and we like to work with data. We take an evidence-based approach, but equally we bring creativity into the process, because we know that the best strategies are built from bold ideas that can’t be found in a spreadsheet.


Do you know that moment? That ‘aha’ moment, when you just totally nail it? As if the idea was already out there, waiting to be found? The perfect copy line that captures a simple, human truth that you just know is going to connect with your audiences. Or the campaign tactic that makes perfect sense of your issue, or your brand. The creative work we do at Eden Stanley is all about that moment, because that is the moment when your problem is solved.