Joe Barrell

Executive director / Insight, strategy and creative

Joe is a creative strategist who likes to make things simple. That means digging down into a communication challenge to distil the simple truths that will motivate your audience to engage. He champions insight-led communications as a strategic driver for charities – with the potential to achieve great things for those that embrace it.

Joe is also a tactician with a track record of innovation for public engagement. In 2007 he pioneered the UK’s first text-to-donate campaign – a channel that remains a vital recruitment mechanism for much of the sector. He was also responsible for the UK’s first online advice service, for Shelter, which is still the organisation’s most important entry point, attracting more than 5m unique visitors each year.

Before founding Eden Stanley Joe was Director of Communications at Save the Children from 2005-2010 and Head of Communications at Shelter before that. Joe currently serves as a trustee for Scope where he has oversight of fundraising, communications, policy and services. His book, Make it Matter, has helped third-sector communication managers develop strategies that work.