Connecting people with causes.

Eden Stanley helps purpose-driven organisations find their audiences and build strategies around them.


We work in all areas of engagement, from social change to advocacy campaigns, from fundraising to brand development. If you’re communicating with people, we can build your strategy.


What makes us different is our total integration of rigorous research with creative and strategy development, keeping audience insight front and centre throughout the project lifecycle.

Audience-centred brand tracking.

Our next-generation CharityTracker is the UK’s leading brand and issue monitoring survey for non-profits – and the only one that offers sophisticated audience segmentation.


News and publications.

Tomorrow’s Donor, Today

How can you learn more about tomorrow’s donor and what motivates them? This report delves deeper into what ‘doing good’ means for new generations, and unveils the changes needed to inspire their support.

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Charities: Don’t start with Why

When Simon Sinek published his 2009 book, ‘Start with Why’, his central premise was that people won’t truly buy into a product, service, or idea unless they understand the ‘why’ behind it.

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The cover of the book Who Cares by Joe Barrell

Who Cares?

In the midst of rapid social and political upheaval, charities and NGOs are facing new and unfamiliar challenges. We wrote the book on audience-centred engagement strategies.

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