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Image of Shelter community volunteer
Mind | Restoring mental health as a cause

We developed an audience engagement strategy for the UK’s leading mental health charity, that challenged Mind to consider how it positions itself as a facilitator and champion of mental health support.

Image of Shelter community volunteer
PDSA | The P stands for people

One of the UK’s best loved pet charities needed to restore its place in the hearts and minds of pet owners everywhere. We helped PDSA put ‘people’ back into its fundraising, and find audiences to help it grow.

Drinkaware logo
CALM | From avoidance to action

No-one wants to talk about suicide. But the Campaign Against Living Miserably knew that talking about suicide saves lives. We found ways to break down those barriers – finding the case for support and talkability in one of the last great taboos.

Image of Shelter community volunteer
Ripple Effect | A new name for the 21st Century

Remember Send a Cow? When the charity outgrew its name (they don’t send cows) they asked us to find a new one. Ripple Effect conveys their role in catalysing sustainable yields in African farming, and a smart investment for funders.

Image of Shelter community volunteer
Shelter | Wake up to the housing emergency

Shelter is the UK’s leading housing and homeless charity. We developed their audience strategy to mobilise a new generation of supporters and activists to demand action on the housing emergency.

Drinkaware logo
Drinkaware | Helping people make better choices

Drinkaware commissioned us to redevelop their brand proposition and redefine their mission, as they evolve to become a mainstream consumer brand and a practical and positive source of support for lifestyle change.

DEC logo
Ipas | The fightback on reproductive justice

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, it spelled a major setback for America’s silent majority for women’s right to abortion and risked a resurgence of regressive policies around the world. Our large-scale social study and reframing work is helping start the fightback.

Hospice UK
Hospice UK | Breaking taboos around death
Our society’s reluctance to discuss death and end-of-life care has given cover to years of underfunding of the hospice movement. Our social study and segmentation found the audience groups most motivated to help Hospice UK spark a new public conversation.
A page from our report for MS Society
MS Society | Designing the MS journey

MS Society is the UK charity for people with Multiple Sclerosis. They campaign for change, fund research, and provide support and information. Our segmentation and qualitative insight is helping them put customers at the centre of their strategy.

World Wide Web Foundation logo
The Web Foundation | Celebrating free expression

Tim Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web Foundation asked us to develop a strategy to mark the 25th anniversary of the Web. We built a global campaign and a major festival for free expression at the Southbank Centre.

Imix | Aligning the refugee sector to win back hearts and minds

Imix convenes the UK’s refugee and asylum sector to align and strengthen their public communications. The Struggle for Safety reframes the cause for the centre ground, and is being used to counter hostile narratives in media and politics.

A person holding their hand
Versus Arthritis | Finding those most in need

Versus Arthritis is the UK’s largest arthritis charity. We built their customer segmentations, based on psychosocial modelling, to help them find and understand those most in need of support.

Livability logo
Livability | Revitalising a historic brand

Livability has run disability services across the UK for over 170 years. As part of their new localisation strategy they commissioned us to develop their fundraising strategy and a new brand positioning – It All Adds Up.

Scope logo
Scope | Driving social change for disabled people

Scope exists to ensure disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. They appointed us to develop a comprehensive audience strategy, covering supporters, service users and the broader public.

Christian Aid
Christian Aid | Empathy + collectivism wins

Building Christian Aid’s supporter base meant reaching beyond its base of active Christians. We helped them unlock new audiences, with a segmentation and a message built on universal values of empathy and collectivism.

Crisis logo
Crisis | Cutting through at Christmas

Crisis, a national charity for homeless people, asked us to create a fundraising product that would cut through an incredibly crowded Christmas market. We nailed it (with a little help from Jo Brand).

Drink Wise logo
The Wellcome Trust | The power of science

In a ‘post-fact’ world, the Wellcome Trust wanted to show how science will solve many of the world’s problems, particularly around health and climate. Our global research programme laid the foundations for their new strategy.

Unicef logo
Unicef | Making sure children’s voices are heard

Unicef is the world’s largest organisation for children. We’ve delivered several projects including  their global digital strategy to promote child participation in development programmes.

Crisis logo
Action Against Hunger | Ending child malnutrition

Action Contre La Faim is an international anti-hunger NGO. We developed the identity and messaging for their Generation Nutrition campaign that won a commitment in the SDGs to end severe acute malnutrition.

Drink Wise logo
BRAC | A new model for fighting poverty

Based in Bangladesh, BRAC is the world’s largest social enterprise. We developed the strategy and identity for their flagship ‘graduation’ programme, proven to be the most effective intervention to beat ‘ultra-poverty’.

Unicef logo
BHF | Audience tracking to help beat heart disease

The British Heart Foundation is the UK’s leading charity fighting heart disease, and one of its best-loved brands. We track their brand repositioning, and key fundraising targets.

Amnesty's communications strategy
Amnesty International | Mainstreaming human rights

Amnesty asked us to develop their UK communication and political strategies, to double external engagement over five years. They’re now dramatically growing mainstream support for their human rights agenda.

Malala Yousafzai speaking at Harvard University in 2018 ©
Plan International | Putting gender at the heart of UKAid policy

Plan International hired us to reimagine its flagship Because I am a Girl campaign and identify opportunities for breakthroughs in policy and practice. The result transformed UKAid policy.

Unicef logo
Mencap | Amplifying our shared humanity

Many people still feel uncomfortable in the presence of a person with learning disabilities, although few feel able to admit it, and this can be a barrier to fundraising. We worked with Mencap to develop a new campaign proposition, ‘I’m just like you’.

DEC logo
DEC | Tracking engagement with emergencies

The DEC brings 15 leading UK aid charities together in times of crisis. They coordinate appeals to raise money to help those impacted by disaster. We track and evaluate public engagement of all of the DEC appeals, from the moment of launch.

Diabetes UK Logo
Diabetes UK | Motivating long-term participation

Diabetes UK wanted to motivate long-term engagement, and build an integrated strategy for services users and supporters. We helped them find their audiences, and learn their motivations, perceptions and needs.

Amnesty logo
Concern Worldwide | Differentiation in a crowd

Concern Worldwide UK asked us to create a communications strategy for a step change in profile and support. Our research quickly unearthed their greatest challenge – a lack of differentiation in a crowded sector.

Crisis logo
Parkinson’ UK | Building a bigger story

Parkinson’s UK wanted to extend beyond its core audience of people with Parkinson’s disease and their loved ones. We helped them reach new audiences of advocates, activists and community organisers, linking their cause to a broader health and social care agenda.

Drink Wise logo
Brooke | Putting animal welfare into mainstream development

Brooke protects the welfare of working equines throughout the developing world. We’ve delivered numerous projects for them, helping them build new partnerships in the international development sector, bringing animal welfare into mainstream practice.

Drink Wise logo
Drink Wise | Changing attitudes on drinking

Drink Wise wanted to change both social attitudes on drinking and push for new controls on alcohol advertising to children. Our outdoor and digital campaign made quite a splash.

Crisis logo
Care International | A global audience framework to drive growth

CARE International is one of the world’s largest international NGOs, and a global leader on the rights of women and girls in developing countries. We helped them develop a global audience framework to drive growth.

Drink Wise logo
Global Witness | Reframing the fight against corruption

Global Witness campaigns to end natural resource exploitation, and fights global corruption – they’re the NGO that brought Blood Diamonds to the world’s attention. We developed their international communications strategy.

Unicef logo
Macmillan Cancer Support | Pushing for better cancer care

Macmillan Cancer Support is one of the UK’s best-loved brands. They provide practical, medical and financial support and push for better cancer care. We helped them develop their audience-centred communications strategy.

Hands holding rice
Oxfam | Forecasting the future of public engagement

Oxfam commissioned us to undertake a research project projecting future trends in public engagement. We published the resulting agenda-setting report, Whatever Next?. We also do their audience and brand tracking.

A poster from The Children's Society
The Children’s Society | The hard truths of modern childhood

The Children’s Society is one of the ‘big four’ children’s charities. They appointed us to create an insight-driven brand strategy, including a new proposition to about need to address the hard truths of modern childhood.

Amnesty logo
The Gates Foundation | Mapping attitudes to poverty

We delivered a major Gates-funded ethnographic research project to explore how public attitudes to world poverty are formed by prevailing media narratives. Our report prompted a sector-wide narrative review.

Fitzroy logo
Fitzroy | A new dating service for disabled people

FitzRoy works for people with learning disabilities across the UK. They commissioned us to make an advertising campaign to raise the start-up funds for a new dating service for people with disabilities.

Unesco image - the Great Barrier Reef
Unesco | The global fundraising strategy 

UN agency, Unesco, has a broad and diverse remit, spanning peace building, development, education and culture. We reviewed and redeveloped their global fundraising strategy targeting national governments and institutions.

Image from a Farm Africa fundraising product
Farm Africa | An integrated digital fundraising strategy

Farm Africa works across West Africa supporting local farmers develop sustainable agri-businesses. We developed their comprehensive digital fundraising strategy and developed a new portfolio of products.


Action Against Hunger
Action for Children
Alzheimers Society
Amnesty International
Anthony Nolan
Barts Charity
British Film Institute
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Blood Cancer UK
Breast Cancer Care
British Heart Foundation
British Psychological Society
Campaign Against Living Miserably
Care International
Child to Child
The Children's Society
The Children's Society
Citizens Advice
Clic Sargent
Co-op Foundation
Concern Worldwide
Crisis Action
Disasters Emergency Committee
Dementia UK
Depaul UK
Diabetes UK
Drink Wise
Duke of Edinburgh's Awards
Farm Africa
Girl Effect
Global Witness
Handicap International
Hospice UK
Independent Age
Malaria No More
Marie Curie
MS Society
Medecins Sans Frontieres
National Autistic Society
National Youth Orchestra
One Plus One
Parkinsons UK
Peace Child International
Plan International
Prince's Trust
Ripple Effect
Save the Children
Stroke Association
Thames Valley Air Ambulance
Versus Arthritis
Wellcome Trust
World Wide Web Foundation
Young Minds


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