We wrote the book on audience engagement.

In the midst of rapid social and political upheaval, charities and NGOs are facing new and unfamiliar challenges. Building strong, resilient relationships with your audience is no longer just good practice – it’s now a matter of survival.

Packed with real-world case studies and informed by interviews with some of the sector’s leading lights, Who Cares? is a practical handbook for building strategies that put audiences first and achieve transformative change.

Inside you’ll discover the five pillars of audience-centred strategy design – based on established principles and bolstered by decades of expertise – and learn how to put them into action.

Whether you’re just starting out or already a seasoned communicator, this book will inform, entertain, and inspire. Get ready to sharpen your thinking and step up your strategy: it’s time to change the way you engage, for good.

“I can honestly say this book is brilliant! Simply the best publication on non profit engagement I’ve ever read. Every charity should have a copy”

Julie Dodd, Parkinson’s UK

“A timely and impassioned case for charities and NGOs to reassert their purpose and put people at the centre of everything they do”

Cathy Druce, UNICEF

“A vital guide for anyone working to engage publics and influencers with effective communications”

Michaela O’Brien, University of Westminster

How to get your copy.

Who Cares? is available on Amazon for £36.69, for UK and worldwide customers, with free postage and packing to the UK.

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If you would prefer to buy direct from us, you can do at the same price (£36.69 inc. P&P), by clicking the ‘Buy now’ button below. Please note if you buy direct, delivery will take up to ten days.

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