Celebrating free expression.

We helped Tim Berners-Lee and the Foundation develop new partnerships to co-create a global strategy to protect and promote freedom of expression.

We spoke to civil society groups around the world, identifying potential areas of campaign focus in the process – before finally zeroing in on free expression, with particular focus on countries where free speech is curtailed, and journalists persecuted.

We approached this by staging a conference of civil society groups, making a film outlining a vision for what the campaign could achieve, and proposing a range of campaign tactics, including a micro-grants scheme for small civil society groups wanting to use the web in new and innovative ways to promote free expression – resulting in around 50 grassroots campaigns around the world.

We also helped the World Wide Web Foundation secure a generous grant from the Ford Foundation to take the campaign forward, and conceived – and helped develop – ‘The Web We Want’: a major festival of free expression that ran for six months at London’s Southbank Centre before going on to tour the world.


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