From avoidance to action.

No-one wants to talk about suicide. But the Campaign Against Living Miserably knew that talking about suicide saves lives. We found ways to break down those barriers – finding the case for support and talkability in one of the last great taboos.

We built a segmentation, framing and engagement strategy, looking at difficult topics around mental health resilience and suicide prevention, finding the case for support and the talkability in one of the last great taboos.

‘We hired Eden Stanley to deliver some foundational audience research to drive our strategy for the next few years. It’s been a great process, with just the right balance of listening and challenge to move us forward, and we’ve built an excellent working relationship. 

‘Their research methods are sophisticated, but they also have a rare knack for distilling complex information into simple insights with clear and relevant recommendations.’ 

‘Building on their work so far, they’re now helping us transform our strategy, balancing support services and fundraising with a renewed emphasis on social change. If you want fresh thinking, I’d highly recommend Eden Stanley.’

Matt Jennings, Chief Marketing Officer at Campaign Against Living Miserably




Audience segmentation, Qualitative research, Journey Mapping, Framing, Engagement Strategy