A global audience framework to drive growth.

A global audience framework to integrate all public engagement and transition the organisation to audience-centred working.

“Eden Stanley worked with Care International to develop our global audience framework. The project combined various methods, including a strategic review, stakeholder engagement, independent research and development of practical tools, including the excellent and well-thumbed strategy document, Audience First.”

“We found Eden Stanley an exemplary partner: enabling, insightful, rigorous, 
and pragmatic.”

“Like all large NGOs, Care International is complex and diverse. Joe and his team navigated the organisation deftly, drawing together a range of interests and laying the ground for much greater collaboration between countries, and closer integration across fundraising, campaigns, and public engagement. Highly recommended.”

Glen Tarman, Head of Global Advocacy


Drink Wise


Global Audience Framework, Strategic review, Stakeholder engagement, Toolkit.