Futures full of possibility.

-Crohn’s & Colitis UK needed to build closer relationships with supporters, prioritise engagement activity and encourage more people to stay connected for longer. We helped them to do that.

Athough they were already doing a brilliant job of engaging and supporting thousands of people living with Crohn’s and Colitis, C&CUK knew there were still many affected people not finding the charity or engaging briefly and moving on. 

To find priority audiences for their supporter journey strategy, we undertook extensive research, including analysing the current database, understanding the wider market potential, and speaking to people with the condition and their families.

Using insights from this research, we were able to segment five priority audiences, map their different journeys with the charity at every stage of an uncertain journey with the condition, and identify ways to engage them for the long term.

Our insight and strategic recommendations gave Crohn’s & Colitis UK a vital understanding of what their audiences needed from the charity and a clear pathway to growth, including a new opportunity to engage those supporting a loved one living with these conditions. 

By working together to develop new products and propositions, we helped Crohn’s & Colitis UK find a deeper connection to their audiences’ journey with both the condition and the charity and found ways to reach and engage them at every step of the way.


Crohn’s & Colitis UK

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