Let’s look again at alcohol.

Drink Wise asked us to help them build a campaign to change both social attitudes and legislation on drinking.

This was a tricky brief. To challenge social norms about something that has become, well, normal. That is the high exposure to alcohol that children experience, and the long-term damage it can cause.

Our solution? An integrated campaign, ‘Let’s Look Again at Alcohol’ which invites the public and politicians alike to rethink their relationship with drink. At the centre, our film, the Party Fox, aimed to blend humour and horror to create an emotional response to something most of us have come to accept.

We also developed a series of posters for outdoor spots. We wanted something that would cause a double-take, and make people ‘look again’, while playing on the idea of mixing alcohol and childhood. These posters, with the line, ‘Alcohol advertising is going straight to children’s heads’ was the result.


Drink Wise


Integrated campaign, Advertising, Film