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Hospice UK’s ‘Dying Matters’ campaign had great success reaching professional audiences, but the charity wanted to expand and engage a wider audience. With the public reticent to discuss death and dying, we worked to identify the right audiences and put them at the centre of the campaign strategy to broaden reach and push for change. 

To win campaigns, charities must bring onboard a wide audience willing to stand up and be counted. For Hospice UK, it meant inspiring people to be more open about death and dying. Our work was about supporting the charity to find the right audiences and getting to know them. By targeting the audiences most likely to engage, Hospice UK could make deliberate choices about who to target and use resources effectively.

Through a nationally representative survey covering values, behaviours, demographics and attitudes, we were able to see two clear priority segments. From there we developed detailed profiles of these audiences to help Hospice UK get to know them.

Knowing who these audiences were, their attitudes to talking about death, how they supported charities and what media they engaged with, allowed Hospice UK to link campaign aims with broader policy and fundraising objectives.

This audience segmentation had the potential to mobilise the right audiences to lobby the Government on end-of-life care, raise awareness and change the conversation around death and dying. Ultimately, our work helped pave the way for a more winnable campaign.

“Working with Eden Stanley is inspiring and exciting. They worked well with us to refine our brief so we could achieve the best outcomes. They are rigorous in their data collection and analysis, and present findings in a way that is accessible for everyone, turning the abstract into reality.”

Sarah West, Director of Campaigns and Communications, Hospice UK


Hospice UK

Campaigning, Audience segmentation, Quantitative research, Audience engagement