We’re talking about abortion.

A powerful minority in the US has found ways to snatch away women’s freedoms. Helped by the Supreme Court, lawmakers across America are criminalising abortion. But nine in 10 Americans are against a total abortion ban. If we’re going to win back those freedoms, more of that majority need to speak up.

Ipas, a reproductive justice NGO, has focused its US public engagement on encouraging people to talk about abortion. To name it, and by doing so, to keep a conversation going that reduces stigma, brings people together, and provides comfort for those who feel nervous speaking out for what they believe in. We’re proud to have provided the insight, advice and messaging behind this approach.




Audience segmentation, Qualitative research, Strategy, Communications, Positioning, Creative

Our work started with finding sections of the US public with greatest potential to become supporters of this cause, and of Ipas itself. History shows us securing rights depends on active support from the centre ground. We knew we had to include groups from ‘middle America’ who wouldn’t normally see themselves in this fight, and then inspire them to play their part.

Our research explored the deeper values and motivations behind people’s opinions on abortion, and how their views influence how they act. We surveyed people’s support for causes, their political and religious beliefs, and what kind of interest they took in current affairs, their communities, and the world beyond the US.

With our help, Ipas is now armed with the insights and messages to challenge stigma and ultimately restore women’s rights.

‘Eden Stanley really led us on a deep dive into our audiences’ values and attitudes, so we could strategically build support for our cause and the people we aim to serve. I’d highly recommend their work!’

Jennifer Holloway, Director of Communications