Supporting our supporters.

With ambitious plans to grow and improve the experience of people living with multiple sclerosis, the MS Society needed to know more about its audiences and how to proactively engage them.

Segmenting MS Society’s audiences involved finding the groups within the wider population who were likely to support the charity. Through surveying existing supporters and potential new supporters in the external market, we were able to map the values, behaviours, demographics and attitudes of different audiences.

We used psychosocial modelling to identify groups based on elements of their life, such as their support networks or their likelihood of advocating for and supporting others. This modelling process gave us seven distinct audiences and we were able to understand who they were, how they engaged with charity and how to go about building their connection to the MS Society.

This work was the foundation stone that gave the MS Society the insight to put their audiences at the heart of what they do. Finding and prioritising these supporters and potential supporters will drive their strategy for years to come.


MS Society

Qualitative research, Audience segmentation, Audience engagement strategy