The P stands for ‘People’

PDSA, one of the UK’s best loved pet charities, called on us to help restore its place in the hearts and minds of pet owners everywhere.

We helped PDSA put ‘people’ back into its fundraising, and find audiences with whom it could grow and deepen engagement. With our help, the charity is responding to the increasing need for its free and low-cost vet services, by growing its voluntary income.

Our insights showed PDSA that by drawing on its deep history in communities, and finding new pet-loving audiences beyond its traditional base, it can maintain and increase its share of the pet charity market.

“Eden Stanley supported us in building a new audience-led strategy for growth and were an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. They understood immediately what we were trying to achieve and had the experience to guide us through each stage of the process. I would highly recommend them to anyone embarking on any work to better understand, target or reach the right supporters for their organisation.”

Emma O’Reilly, PDSA




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