Human too.

Police are under pressure like never before – doing their best in the face of budget cuts and shrinking teams. Working with Police Care UK, we found the audiences most likely to support them now and in the future.

Police Care UK  needed to inspire more supporters to help create a regular, reliable income so they could be there when people needed them most.

We worked to uncover and understand the audiences most likely to support and fundraise for the charity  – allowing us to give strategic recommendations on how to target and engage them effectively.

We carried out extensive desk research and interviews with retired police officers and staff and close contacts of the police, followed by quantitative research looking at who would consider supporting a police charity.

With this insight we were able to define clear audience groups, and by understanding the motivations of these audiences, we could characterise key principles for engaging these priority groups – building an engagement funnel which detailed how to take these audiences on a journey from awareness of the charity through to advocacy.

With this knowledge we could bring alive Police Care UK’s strategy with creative ideas on how to engage their audiences, the products to offer and the best approaches.

Our work has given the charity the confidence to develop a new campaign to specifically target these audiences.


Police Care UK

Audience segmentation, Quantitative research, Strategy, Engagement, Insight Labs