Remember Send a Cow?

When the charity outgrew its name (they don’t send cows) they asked us to find a new one. 

Ripple Effect conveys their role in catalysing sustainable yields in African farming, and a smart investment
for funders.


Ripple Effect


Re-naming, Re-branding Positioning, Creative

‘The team at Eden Stanley stood out from day one with their experience, insight, willingness to challenge us – and good humour.

They supported us on the challenging journey of rebranding: aware of the sensitivities of long term supporters, confident with boards, and asking the right questions, to the right people, to deliver us the brand we needed – not the one we necessarily expected.’

Now, as Ripple Effect, we are re-energised, have clear differentiation and our brand supports our strategic ambition.’

Joanna Brownbill, Director of Communications, Ripple Effect