Two celebrating women wearing MS Society branded running gear

Independent alcohol education charity, Drinkaware, has appointed Eden Stanley to accelerate its brand engagement to support even more people to make better choices about drinking.

Joe Barrell, Eden Stanley’s Founder and Principle, said:

“We’re excited to be working with Drinkaware on one of the most complex behaviour change challenges. We will be helping them achieve their ambitious strategy by renewing their brand and creating new key messages that cut through with their audiences.”

Mark Chandler, Drinkaware’s Director of Marketing and Partnership Activation, said:

“We are focused on helping millions of people change their behaviour. Understanding our audiences and ensuring that our brand resonates with them is more important than ever. Eden Stanley’s audience-centred approach is the perfect fit and we are looking forward to harnessing their expertise to reach more people at risk of alcohol harm.”

With more than one in four people in the UK drinking more than the recommended guideline of 14 units of alcohol a week, millions of people in the UK are at risk of causing long-term damage to their health. Through research, impartial advice and practical tools, Drinkaware’s mission is to educate people about alcohol harm and empower them to reduce their drinking and stay safe.

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