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IMIX hires Eden Stanley

A Middle-eastern father, mother, brother and two sisters have just arrived to a new country. They are happily sitting together and smiling. The father is holding his family's passports. Their luggage is sitting to the side © FatCamera

Refugee charity IMIX, has appointed Eden Stanley to help them reframe the narrative around refugees and migration in the UK.

Negative stories and rhetoric around migration issues dominate the UK media. IMIX aims to challenge this by creating more space for the voices of refugees and migration advocates to be heard, changing the conversation and ultimately shifting attitudes.

Joe Barrell, Eden Stanley’s Founder and Principal, said:

“Changing the public narrative around refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in the UK is one of the toughest communication challenges in the sector, but also one of the most vital. The UK has a proud history of welcoming refugees and we are excited to be working with IMIX and their diverse range of partners to help change the public conversation.”

Emma Harrison, IMIX’s Chief Executive, said:

“We need to build a new public narrative grounded in the experience of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, to build mainstream support for their fair and humane treatment. We’re looking forward to working with Eden Stanley, whose audience-centred approach and experience in the human rights sector, will help us in our mission to restore empathy and understanding between the public and refugees.”


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