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Tomorrow’s Donors, Today

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Tomorrow’s Donors, Today is a collaboration between us, GOOD Agency and the Chartered Institute of Fundraising.

We’re seeking to understand what ‘doing good’ looks like for the younger people charities will be relying on over the next few years and beyond. And we can’t wait to meet lots of charities and hear your reactions when the first half of the research phase is unveiled.

What does ‘doing good’ look like for younger generations? And what radical changes are needed to inspire their support of charities in the future?

These are the burning questions keeping senior fundraisers awake at night, answered through a collaborative effort and a two-part research series from GOOD Agency, Eden Stanley and the Chartered Institute of Fundraising.

To get close to the issue, we immersed ourselves in an online community of twenty-six people from across the UK, revealing their motivations, barriers, and ideas for new giving metrics. We delved deep into their mindsets around donating via a digital diary and captured their daily behaviours and thought processes in real time. The results provide a never-before-seen glimpse into the lives and beliefs of future donors. And, crucially, what charities can do now to engage them.

Of course, tomorrow’s donors are a diverse group, so we’re looking forward to the second half of the project, where we’re helping charities learn even more about who to target in the future and how to get their attention – and their donations.

We’ll be building on the first half of the research, combining our comprehensive charity tracker data with fresh insights from surveying thousands of younger donor. 

Want to learn more? Register now to come along on Monday 11 December and hear all about it! 

Please note that this event is accessible to charities only.



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