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Charity awareness months

Almost every month these days a charity will offer you the chance to give something up – whether it be drinking alcohol, eating meat, or shaving your upper lip. Who is participating in Charity Awareness Months, and which are the most popular?



For many charities, DRTV is a high-profile ingredient in their fundraising strategies. We’ve used data from our Trackers to find out what the UK public thinks about it.

The social care crisis

Social care has been a key political battleground in 2017. We’ve used data from the Health & Disability Tracker to get a snapshot of UK public views on the issues.

Syrian refugees arrive from Turkey to Greece 29 October 2015. Nicolas Economou /

Public sympathy for refugees

The refugee crisis is never far from the headlines. We’ve used data from the INGO Tracker to investigate links between public sympathy for refugees and charitable support.

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Whatever Next?

The next five years will see major disruptions in public engagement and fundraising. How will you walk the tightrope between increased regulation, a proliferation of cause-driven brands, and new audiences demanding a totally different kind of relationship?