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Cut from a different cloth

Our client TRAID, the development charity, is on a mission to straighten out the kinks in public misconceptions around textile recycling. But doing so requires something that’s never been done before – nationwide research into what, how and why we donate in the first place.

Make it matter

Communications professionals are often misunderstood by their charity. Yet few have taken the time to develop a strategy and really make their case. That’s something a new book, Make it Matter, can help with.

Good for nothing

Fundraising events that ask supporters to do what they were going to do anyway – but on behalf of a good cause – is proving that the more things stay the same, the more they can change.

No man’s land

When it comes to donating things to good causes – from spare change to body organs – women outstrip men. That’s a problem lifesaving medical charities need to fix fast, and a challenge we helped Anthony Nolan with last year.

Seen and not heard

Child participation is seen by some as the ‘exotic outskirts’ of international development. But not only can listening to children mean better outcomes for them and their communities – it’s also their basic right.