Our Brand Trackers

Great strategies begin not by asking what you want to say, but who you need to engage and what they need from you.

Eden Stanley runs two specialised trackers that allow charities and NGOs to develop sophisticated audience segmentations, and track their brand and issues with different target groups. One is the INGO Tracker (for international NGOs working in the UK), and the other is the Health & Disability Tracker (used by health & disability charities).

Each is now the most widely used brand tracker for these two charity categories.
Both were developed in consortia of charities and NGOs, and so were built around their needs. The Health & Disability Tracker, for example, includes a wealth of information about personal connection identifying groups with direct or indirect experience of more than 70 health conditions and disabilities, in many different ways. The INGO Tracker allows segmentation based on values, and ‘world view’ attributes that strongly predict support for international causes.


Our Trackers offer interactive segmentation tools through our online platform, and the ability to build reports on brand and issue performance.

Subscribers include both large and small organisations, including the British Heart Foundation, Stroke Association, and Mencap (Health & Disability Tracker), and Amnesty, Concern Worldwide, and Disasters Emergency Committee (INGO Tracker).

They are using the Trackers through every stage of their strategy lifecycle, including:

Find your audiences

Identify sophisticated and unique audience segments based on attitudes, behaviours and demographics – including proximity and propensity to your cause.

Gather in-depth insight

Learn about your audience segments and their views on the issues that matter to you, as well as their support for charities, marketing preferences, and demographics.

Focus your media targeting

Accurately target audiences using in-depth media insights and demographics – so your marketing and communications reach the right people.

Track your brand and issues

Use our range of brand KPIs and issue-based survey questions to track the impact of your work with your unique target audiences.

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