Hungry for change

Action Against Hunger is the UK arm of one of the worlds’s biggest NGOs, Action Contre La Faim. How can they build on recent fundraising growth, and establish a stronger public presence in the UK?

Project overview

Action Against Hunger has enjoyed growth recently, thanks to a razor-sharp fundraising programme and outreach to the restaurant crowd. They want to build on this success with a focused communication strategy to engage the public with their vital work.

They approached us to help them develop communications strategy that would strengthen their fundraising, and help build a new campaign on acute malnutrition. We reviewed their brand performance, and analysed their media presence across a range of channels, including digital, press and marketing. Then, building from research insights, we identified a unique positioning for the organisation, and conducted an in-depth audience segmentation, to help them reach a public both pre-disposed to their cause, and most likely to broaden engagement on their behalf.

Following this, we helped them develop their new global coalition campaign on acute malnutrition, and created their identity ‘Generation Nutrition’. The campaign is built on the proposition that child deaths from acute malnutrition could be stopped within a generation, as the world has the knowhow and resources to end it.

Generation Nutrition logo

The campaign identity intended to illustrate ‘growth’ – both of children, and of the movement to support the campaign aims. The additional challenge was to find a way to talk about a long term aim, but with a sense of urgency. For this, we developed the strapline, “If we act now, we can end child deaths from acute malnutrition”.


Generation Nutrition scamps

Our thanks to our collaborators on this project, design agency, Johnson Banks.