Unlock the potential of your strategy.

Creating an audience-centred engagement strategy is a huge milestone towards connecting more people to your cause. But you may find you need a little help to make sure it doesn’t sit on a shelf, and gets fully adopted by your organisation.


Helping you stay on track.

Putting your new strategy into action can be a challenge – lifting your focus above the day-to-day workload, getting colleagues on board, and maintaining momentum and focus. We’ve been there.

What’s more, things change, and you’ll need to adapt and evolve as the real world constantly interrupts your best laid plans. The pandemic reminded us all of that.

That’s why we offer implementation support, sticking with you over the long term, helping you embed your strategy, reviewing progress, overcoming obstacles, and suggesting adjustments as you go – while helping you keep your goals in sight.


Practical support to keep your strategy firing on all cylinders.

360° review of plans and processes.

The first step is to review your existing plans and planning processes. We’ll also talk to you and your colleagues to understand more about what’s working and what isn’t. This can be light touch or comprehensive, whatever you think is necessary to streamline and integrate ways of working to enable your strategy to become fully adopted.

Action planning.

Next we run one or more action planning meetings with multidisciplinary teams, to self evaluate your readiness to adopt the strategy, and identify areas for improvement. We’ll also work with you to design a cross-departmental action plan and external engagement calendar, aligned to your audience segmentation, with measurable, time-bound objectives.

Regular reviews and replanning.

To help keep you on track, every three to six months we’ll meet with you to evaluate progress against the action plan and help you make adjustments for the next period. We’ll look at what’s worked well, and what hasn’t – giving you an opportunity to both take stock and enjoy your successes. We can also prepare regular progress reports for your board.

Mentoring new leaders.

We also provide mentoring to up-and-coming leaders. Our consultants can help create your personal development plan, and coach you through your challenges with regular check-in meetings. We’ve worked in senior roles in nonprofits and will share what we’ve learned about how to deliver effective engagement programmes in complex organisations.


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