Make it matter

Third sector communications professionals often tell us their work is undervalued. Yet few feel equipped to spell out how critical communications really are. What’s needed is a robust, outcome-focused strategy – which this book by Eden Stanley and CharityComms is designed to help you develop.

If you’re somebody who works in charity communications for a living, you’ll be familiar with the argument: communications are a nice add-on, a great way to report on what your organisation does, but finally, they’re an optional extra, and usually the first budget to be cut during lean times.

But organisations that see communications differently – not as peripheral, but as a central plank in their organisational strategy – are the organisations that succeed. Some of the best-loved and most successful charity brands are a case in point: like Macmillan, Save the Children and the National Trust. Each of them have made communications core function – in quite different ways – and each is delivering huge impact in public engagement. Make it matter, Creating communications strategies for the non-profit sector, offers insights and advice on how these, and other, organisations have achieved great things.

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We’re now working on a second edition due for publication in 2019.